Living In The Real World

The girl who once lived in a dream world now lives in the real world. Her perception is blurred. The world is challenging her. Forcing her to live another life. She no longer believes life is good. She no longer feels safe. Her barriers remain strong but there are new ways to try and tear them, and her, down.

Life isn’t a dream world. Life is tough. Life is harsh. Life is unfair. Life is like a rollercoaster. Except now the rollercoaster has more downs than ups. The ride has no end. She can see the end, she knows what the end looks like but she can never reach it. She’s stuck in a rut and before she knows it a weeks passed, a month, 2 months, 6 months, a year. Is she any better off than she was last year? Potentially, but it depends on how you view it. To her she’s made no progress. Still in the same place, still searching for a job that doesn’t exist.

Her fairytale ideal has shattered. She’s escaped her tower but now longs to go back. There is no prince there to save her. She has to save herself. Happily ever afters don’t exist here.

To make it in this world you have to be loud and proud. She’s quiet and modest. She works hard but never recieves anything back. She’s taken advantage of.

The real world is full of two faced people who say one thing when you can hear, but something else when you’re out of earshot. People you thought were friends will stab you in the back for their own personal gain. Some people are handed everything on a silver platter, whilst other risk everything to make ends meet. In the real world there is a clear divide between the haves and the have nots. The rich get richer not caring that the poor are getting poorer. Every man is out for themselves.

She desperately wants to make something of her life but she’s afraid. She believes other will always be better than her, be louder than her. Others can rely on their voices to get them places, she can’t. Each time she speaks, she does so with uncertainty. She constantly questions herself, wonders if she should choose an easier career path. But she wouldn’t be happy with anything else.

She will be okay. She will learn the ways of the world and she will find courage to make her small voice heard. Perhaps most people won’t listen at first, but she’ll persevere. She’ll create a life her family will be proud of. She’ll fall more times, but she’ll always pick herself up.

Follow up to: Living In A Dream World

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